Meet The Officers: Tiffany Chen, Executive Team

11169770_367589046775430_5023082943720156371_oTiffany Chen

3rd Year, Chemistry Major

Years Involved with Tzu Chi(ng): 7

I’m one of the Vice Presidents. My job includes finance and completing TAP (Triton Activity Planner) forms.

I wanted to be a part of officer cabinet because I want to help make Tzu Ching even better and hope to bring more diversity into Tzu Ching. (yay more bonding time)

What was your first impression of Tzu Chi(ng) and why did you stay?

1614501_10152214588032092_1024939424_oI joined Tzu Shao when I was in 8th grade. I was impressed by uniformity. All of them were rocking out their white pants. At first, I felt nervous and distanced from everyone else because they were mostly from high school. However, they were really welcoming, especially our advisor Lin SB. I enjoyed volunteering and meeting people from different schools. I stay in Tzu Chi because I want to become one of them and earn my uniform. I want to stay to let more people learn about Tzu Chi.

The first reason of joining Tzu Ching was “I was a Tzu Shao, so why not?” However, Tzu Ching was different from Tzu Shao. Being Tzu Ching, we are more independent, and it is more fun when we volunteer together. But the main reason I joined is Tzu Ching feels like home. As a first year college, being away from home can be challenging. Being a part of Tzu Chi, an organization I have been involved in for many years, the environment is familiar and comfortable. And why did I stay until now? Because I just can’t leave these lovely people, they are my friends and family ^^

My favorite aspect of Tzu Chi(ng) is Embrace; I have been to many different Tzu Chi related events, and there was not once that I felt left out. People in TC are very friendly and welcoming. I always have a sense of belonging and I really treasure the big family atmosphere.

10257791_363508917183443_2263477455704991480_oMy favorite event is Everybody Reads. It is rewarding to teach younger kids and see their personal growth. Spending time with them is relaxing and fun because often time I am brought to their world, listening to them sharing about their life. I feel stress-free and happy.

“Do not let criticism dampen our motivation”

Criticism can be harsh, but it encourages me to become better.

1502248_368701919997476_951485469107691345_oStarting from April of this year, I have been donating $5 to Tzu Chi Foundation every month. Seeing many children and people who struggle to have a healthy and happy life, I am very fortunate. I am not rich, and I know many people are not. But this is what I think: I am not giving out $5, I’m saving $5 every month for those who need it more than I do. It’s been half a year, and this is not hard, but very rewarding because I know this 5 dollars have changed something. I’m sharing this experience not to ask people to donate, but to be happy about the life we have now. And once in awhile, be giving, whether that is tutoring a kid or listening to a friend’s complaint.


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