Meet the Officers: Eric Horng, Executive Team

10608635_755035794543257_3601879403930913186_oEric Horng, Vice-President

4th Year, Electrical Engineering

Years involved with Tzu Chi(ng): 4 years with Tzu Ching, and going on 16 with Tzu Chi.

My first real impression of Tzu Ching was in the summer of my senior year in high school. Before then, I only knew about Tzu Chi through my 10 years at Tzu Chi Academy, and 2 years of volunteering with Tzu Shao. I don’t remember much about TC back then, except that I thought it was boring and didn’t like going very much. That year, I attended the 2011 Tzu Ching leadership conference (then in New Jersey) and learned about an entirely different face of the org – a group of fun-loving, interesting, and inspiring collegiate volunteers. After attending a ton of TC classes and meeting many Tzu Ching, I felt like I finally found a place that I belonged, and could grow as a person. Many of the people I met there still hold a special place in my heart, and even though we don’t talk, when I see them, it’s like seeing a family member that I’ve missed very much.

I am a vice president, and I help the presidents plan and execute all of the the events that go on in UCSD Tzu Ching.

11155017_365530376981297_5700332263009235295_oI want to continue to make the org even better by strengthening our intra-cabinet relationships and our officer-member relationships. I also hope to lay down a stronger foundation for future officers to be able to carry Tzu Ching to further heights.

I decided to become an officer because I want to help create a warm and friendly environment for other people, just like others had done for me. I also knew I had a lot to contribute to the organization, so I knew I wanted to go into a leadership position right away.

11157508_371256146408720_8260528267000405518_oI joined Tzu Ching at UCSD because it felt like the most natural thing to do. When you’re in a new environment with many new faces, what do you do? You go to the people that you’re most comfortable with. That, for me, was Tzu Ching. Sure, I didn’t know anyone there, but the fact that they were part of Tzu Chi was enough to consider them to be family. Looking back after 4 years, I’ve made some of my closest friends in Tzu Chi, and I don’t regret a single moment.

My favorite part of Tzu Ching is the opportunity to grow alongside a group of inspiring people who are with you through all the struggles of college – be it studying for exams, surviving on lack of sleep, or trying to stay remotely in shape. It’s the time that we spend hanging out together, whether it be volunteering or getting boba, that I value the most.

11154706_363508557183479_1779635386439297106_oEverybody Reads is my favorite event. It’s the event I’ve spent the most time at, and the place I’ve made the closest bonds with people with, both volunteers and kids alike. I’ve gotten to know several of the kids’ personalities really well, and while it’s always a struggle to get them to do work, it’s always rewarding to see them do their classwork and learn. With my kids, I’ve found that if I don’t set rules, they tend to bully me and not do work. So I’ve told them that if they don’t bring their homework or tell me what they’re having trouble on, they don’t get to spin me around the playground chair. It’s been working really well so far!

Favorite Jing Si Aphorism:

“Only by first lighting up our heart, can we inspire others to do the same.”


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