New Leadership & Reminders :)

Dear Tzu Chings,

Hope everyone is doing well and surviving Week 10!

At our meeting last Friday, we elected our Executive Team for ’16-’17. Congratulations to the future Co-Presidents Tiffany Chen and Lydia Kung; and VPs Kathy Lam and Mandy Lai!

Here are the upcoming events for March. We will still have volunteering events for those who will be here during Spring break.

Happy Campus
3/11, 3/18 (Fri) @ Croutons at the Student Service Center for rides, 12:30 PM
Every Friday, Tzu Chings mentor students from first to fifth grade at Herbert Ibarra Elementary School. Our goal is to teach them the meaning of love, respect, and gratitude and integrate it into their lifestyle no matter what their family background.

Medical Outreach @ Fallbrook
3/20 (Sun) @ TBA
As part of Tzu Chi’s Mission of Medicine, Tzu Chi provides free medical service for families in need and without medical insurance. During the event, Tzu Chings will assist nurses and physicians. Meeting time and place TBA. Please check back our Facebook page (UCSD Tzu Ching) for more information.

Everybody Reads
3/20 (Sun) @ Peterson Loop for rides, 8 AM
Tzu Chings tutor grades 1-12 children from low-income families in math, English, and/or other school subjects at the Crown Heights Community Resource Center in Oceanside. We also help promote Ji Sing Aphorisms to help the students learn good habits to incorporate into their lives.

Convalescent Home
3/26 (Sat) @ Peterson Loop for rides, 9 AM
Every month, Tzu Chings pay a visit to the Convalescent Home to brighten the day of the elderly by performing musical and dance numbers, playing interactive games (such as charades), and chatting with them.

Spring Flyering
3/29 (Tue) – 3/30 (Wed) @ Library Walk, Block 1971
Tzu Chings will be passing out flyers on Library Walk during Week 1. Come and help us promote Tzu Ching and recruit new members, or just stop by to say hi and hang out with us!

*For more event details, please check our Facebook page (UCSD Tzu Ching) or our website ( for how to sign up for an event if you don’t have Facebook.

**If you are a new member, please fill out the following registration form so that we can confirm your attendance during events:

With Gratitude,
UCSD Tzu Ching


Meet the Officers: Conclusion

Hey Superstars!

Thank you to those who read the series 🙂 We hope you got to know our officers a little bit more now!

We also hope that you can see why we love to be a part of this wonderful organization that’s all about not only giving back to the community but improving ourselves as a person as well.

If you missed any of the posts, we’ve linked each officer’s post below ^_^.

Executive Team

3-in-1 Team

Public Relations Team

Secretary Team

With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching

Meet the Officers: Grace Pan, Secretary Team

12615208_462835107250823_2436003943076260787_oGrace Pan

2nd Year, Bioinformatics Major

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 1

“Forgive those who unintentionally hurt us. Do not be someone who is easily hurt by others.”

When I walked into the fall GBM my freshman year, it was a last-second decision. I didn’t even know Tzu Chi had collegiate chapters until I saw the flag outside the GBM room. I saw the professionalism and kindness that all the officers shared, which was different from other clubs I had seen. The officers were so kind and welcoming, which I appreciated as it was my first month at college and I had felt a bit overwhelmed. At my first volunteer event, I saw the same thing. UCSD TC officers and members shared a kindness I had yet to see at UCSD, as well as a passion for helping others less fortunate. That’s what keeps me keep coming back.

12493971_462834280584239_5255333297834523588_oI am part of the secretary Team and I take meeting minutes at Officer Meetings.

I hope to attend more events and meet more new members. I haven’t really had a chance to meet anyone new yet.

I decided to become an officer because I really looked up to last year’s officer cabinet and because I was encouraged to take a position.

11146457_363508487183486_4069147614420595330_oI joined Tzu Chi when I was younger because my parents enrolled me in a Tzu Chi Chinese school. But then I moved and stopped being in involved with Tzu Chi. I’ve always remembered how kind the people of Tzu Chi are, and how strong their message is. I think that is what made me want to rejoin when I got to UCSD.

My favorite event is Everybody Reads because I like working with kids and helping them learn. It is a very relaxed and fun environment, and the food is always something to look forward to. Most of all, I love seeing the kids improve as the year goes on.



Meet The Officers: Christine Hsu, Secretary Team

12068527_435688696632131_367907009227006932_oChristine Hsu

4th Year, Management Science

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 2.5

“People often feel upset because they take careless remarks too seriously.”

I like and learn a lot from all Jing Si Aphorisms, especially those about gratitude. However, I chose this one because I would like to remind myself this everyday.

What was your first impression of Tzu Chi(ng) and why did you stay?

11154994_375081849359483_2736390029523342431_oEveryone I met was really friendly and energetic. It made me felt very welcomed. I love the family-feel of Tzu Ching and therefore I stayed.

My officer position is Secretary Team Lead. Keep tract of members’ volunteer hours. Update member list/info. Send out monthly emails and monthly reports.

This year I hope to recruit more members and increase our diversity.

I became an officer because I bumped into Christine Diao (TC President 2014-2015) on my way to class. She told me that I was qualified to apply, so I decided to try. 🙂

As explained above, I love the friendly and family-feel of the organization.

My favorite event has to be Happy Campus! Because it happens every week and you really get to know the students. It’s amazing to see their growth!

Meet the Officers: Mandy Lai, Public Relations Team

1523220_371433043057697_3998667438378069849_oMandy Lai

2nd Year, Physiology and Neuroscience

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 6

To willingly undergo hardship for the sake of helping others is compassion.

Honestly, I don’t remember my first impression of Tzu Chi. It was just something my parents were involved in and I wanted to join them.

I am a part of the Public Relations Team. I create event pages, socials, and communicate with everyone!

My goals for this year is to stay active in Happy Campus and teach the children to the best of my ability.

10257976_365531226981212_7109216665027989535_oI decided to apply to be an officer because I wanted to become more involved with Tzu Ching! I joined Tzu Ching because I really love the people in the organization and the environment that we create. Everyone in the organization is very kind and open hearted. Volunteering with Tzu Ching makes me happy.

My favorite aspect about Tzu Ching is the people that make up the organization.

Happy Campus is my favorite event because I enjoy working with elementary school kids. They can be a challenge at times, but it is interesting to see how they develop and how you influence them over time.


Meet The Officers: Can Deng, Public Relations Team

11875007_10206104272659916_7486355201430501451_oCan Deng

4th Year, Management Science Major

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 1

联谊启慧根。The growth of wisdom comes from socializing.

My first impression of Tzu Chi(ng) was that the people are nice and I stayed because of that reason. I joined for the sake of volunteering my time and one of my favorite aspects of TC are the socials.

I became an officer because it was a great chance to involved and contribute more to the org.

1982275_441976912669976_1914545339898680439_nMy position is that of Public Relations, I come up with event pages and initiate social activities. This year I hope to accomplish coming up with some cheerful and delightful relaxing events for everyone to enjoy.

My favorite event would have to be Everybody Reads. You can see the progress of improvement from the students you have been teaching. It’s also a good time to chill with other volunteers.


Meet the Officers: Yan Wu, Public Relations Team

12063808_437790303088637_2232212597638974801_n.jpgYan Wu

3rd year, Pharmacological Chemistry Major

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 3


I am the public relation team lead of Tzu Ching this year.

Our work is mainly to promote and publicize Tzu Ching to broader group of people. Public relation team are in charge of creating event pages on Facebook for our volunteer events, planing for social events that create more bonding times with Tzu Ching peers, and also putting up and displaying the event flyers around campus.

As for Tzu Ching, I want to publicize our organization to more people and help members to find their sense of belonging in Tzu Ching family.

12322747_449030475297953_7472690071704753014_oI feel my passion for Tzu Ching is the most important motivation for me to apply as an officer. I really enjoy the happiness after volunteering, and I have enjoyed being part of Tzu Ching and ready to take more responsibility as an officer by helping others find their sense of belonging in Tzu Ching family.

I joined Tzu Ching because of the opportunities to volunteer. I really enjoy volunteering. A single person probably would not have enough strength to make a big change or impact. However, as a group, we become powerful.

12141130_435690276631973_9138756481067805929_oI got to know Tzu Ching because I was Victoria Low’s suite mate in my freshmen year. I guess my first impression of Tzu Ching would be watching Victoria braiding her hair in front of mirror with her TC uniform. The blue shirt and while pants left deep impressions on me. The cute double braid hairs also made me curious about this organization. At that time, I thought Tzu Ching must be a really well-disciplined organization because of the required hair style and uniform.

I stayed for Tzu Ching because of the lovely peer I got to know in Tzu Ching. They all have kind heart and are willing to help people in need. I feel thankful to get to know these people who not only love and care about others, but also cherish and protect the world they live in. I love the sense of belonging Tzu Ching gave me. The feeling of family is what I love most about Tzu Ching.

I love all aspects of Tzu Ching. But most of all, I love how people in Tzu Ching treat each other like family. It always makes me feels heart warming whenever I hang out with my Tzu Ching family.

12038152_432310403636627_7467715436427360790_nMy favorite event is my monthly volunteering at Carmel Mountain Rehab & Healthcare Facility. Basically, we always play charades, catch ball game, sing songs, perform sign language show, and bunch of other games with the residents there. I really enjoy this event because it is a really rewarding experience that not only benefit myself to be a careful and responsible individual but also make contribute to light up the seniors’ days. I remember once, when we were play the ball with seniors, one of the old ladies told me that she always looked forward to see us each month and were so happy to see the performance and games we have prepared for them. She said we lighted up their day with happiness and joys and our visit became a day she expected a lot. It is at that moment I realized that we are really doing something wonderful and amazing that can bring good changes to others. The small things we do are able to make change and bring happiness to these seniors, which made me feel it is really worthy to spend the time to give what we have and we can to them.