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Orientation / Sharing Meetings
Every quarter, we have an orientation (Fall quarter) or sharing meeting (Winter/Spring quarter) to introduce new members to Tzu Ching, and bring our UCSD Tzu Ching family together after another quarter. Old and new members alike share their thoughts about past events or just how they feel about being a Tzu Ching. Winter quarter sharing meeting also serves as orientation for those who have not had the chance to learn about Tzu Chi Collegiate Association at UCSD (transfers, new students, people who were unable to attend the Fall meeting). We hope to see you there!

Everybody Reads
One of our most popular events, Everybody Reads is a fantastic opportunity for Tzu Chings to give back to the local San Diego Community. Twice a month, we tutor K-12 children from low-income families and teach them English, math, or other school subjects. This is one of our most popular events, which many of our Tzu Ching members find both fun and extremely rewarding.

Convalescent Home Visits
Every month, we pay a visit to the Convalescent Home to brighten their day! Working with San Diego Tzu Chi, we do musical and dance performances, play games, and chat with them. It’s a fun and rewarding experience for us, and the seniors always look forward to our visits, so this is always a wonderful way to start out your weekend.

Happy Campus
Happy Campus is the newest community service event of the San Diego Service Center, formed with the Education and Charity missions in mind. Every Friday, Tzu Ching visit the Herbert Ibarra Elementary School in San Diego to volunteer. We work with a group of twenty 1st to 5th grade children who have been recommended to the program by the school. The children are there because they need academic and financial assistance, owing to the fact that most are international refugees. For those who can make it on Fridays, spending an hour with these kids to help them grow academically and socially is a special experience, and we highly encourage everyone to go if you don’t have class on Friday, 1-4 PM!

Vendor Fair
Although most of our events take place off campus, UCSD Tzu Ching always shows up during one day of Vendor Fair to sell a vegetarian dish to the masses of UCSD! Come hang out with us and enjoy our super-special secret recipes.

Orange Picking for the San Diego Food Bank
TC’s orange picking event is one not to be missed. Once a year, we leave our UCSD campus bubble to visit privately owned orange groves located in Escondido. These orange trees grow so many oranges that it’s impossible for one person to pick them all. As a result, most are usually left to rot. But fear not – with the help of our TC volunteers and the Giving Groves Program, we can save these yummy fruits by picking them, then donating them to the San Diego Food Bank to feed the needy.

Medical Outreach
Our medical outreach event is held in underprivileged communities. We provide free clinical and dental care to adults and children in the low-income community. Tzu Ching volunteers help translate, fill out forms, and assist the Tzu Chi physicians.

Southern California Intercollegiate Social
Tzu Chings from all over Southern California gather at the host college to meet each other and form closer bonds between the chapters through icebreakers, games, and other interactive experiences. Tzu Ching usually remains in San Diego, but events such as the SoCal Intercollegiate Social show Tzu Ching members that they are part of a larger Tzu Ching and Tzu Chi family that extend all across the globe. We’re all one big Tzu Ching family!

Earth Day
Earth Day is an annual event that usually falls on the 3rd or 4th Sunday in April where we [Tzu Chi] participate by having a booth at the Earth Fair in Balboa Park. It’s a great way to introduce Tzu Chi to San Diegans, as well as a great opportunity for you to learn and interact with the many environmental exhibits on site!

Buddha Bath
Our celebration of Buddha’s birthday takes place at Tzu Chi USA’s headquarters in San Dimas. It coincides with International Tzu Chi Day and with Mother’s Day. It’s a day for us to celebrate our love for each other, especially our love for our mothers, as well as our respect for Buddha. Also for those who are unable to travel all the way to San Dimas, we also hold a local Buddha Bath ceremony at our Tzu Chi Service Center in San Diego the week after Mother’s Day.

Vegetarian Cooking Class
Besides doing community service, we also promote vegetarianism through our events. However, the Vegetarian Cooking Class (taught by talented cooks from the Tzu Chi Foundation) is a hands-on opportunity for Tzu Ching to learn about why vegetarianism is good not just for personal health, but also the environment.

Local and International Disaster Relief
When disasters such as the Southern California forest fires (2007) occur, we Tzu Chings go to local supermarkets to fundraise for the victims of the disaster. All fundraised money goes towards items such as blankets, monetary gift cards, and basic food items. Relief is not only limited to local disasters, but at international ones as well. On Saturday April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and neighboring countries. Tzu Chings quickly set up a fundraiser to aid those who had been devastated by the earthquake.

On-campus Recycling
People throw stuff that can be recycled all the time into the trash and garbage bins on campus. What’s other people’s ‘garbage’ is Tzu Ching’s gold! We spend a weekend afternoon looking for recyclable cans and bottles that can be redeemed for cash to help fund our events.


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