#SundaySharings: Christine Diao

Christine Diao is one of our many UCSD Tzu Ching Alumni. She graduated UCSD as a Psychology Major and minor in Linguistics in 2015. Christine was our lovely 2014-2015 President or better known as “Supreme Leader” in a loving and non-dictatorial way of course.

Let’s hear her reflection of her time with UCSD Tzu Ching :).

11415550_10203045277212820_5952837851336285568_o.jpgMy journey as as Tzu Ching began when I was a freshman at UCSD, but my story with Tzu Chi started before college. When I was in middle school, my mom became friends with a SG (our lovely Peggy SG!) who happened to be a teacher at an academic workshop that my sister and I regularly attended during the summer and school year. She introduced my family to TC and some of the events that were held at the Northridge service center. Some of the events were far away from where we lived, so we couldn’t attend all the time. Peggy SG eventually moved to San Diego, and there wasn’t a Tzu Shao chapter near my hometown, so naturally lost touch with TC. I didn’t think that I’d start volunteering with TC again until I started my undergraduate career at UCSD. When they heard that I would be moving to San Diego, Peggy SG and Tenshang SB encouraged me to join the TC chapter there; I was curious about what TC would be like in college, so I willingly agreed to try it out. Being the shy and awkward Christine that I was four years ago, I was nervous about the first orientation. I wasn’t sure what to expect, what kind of people I’d meet, or what I’d gain from my time there. However, it was such a fun experience to be at my first TC orientation! All the members and officers were so genuine and easy-going that I forgot about being nervous and just ended up enjoying my time there. I remember that an officer (shout-out to Sylvia!) approached me and my roommate right after we entered the event room, which made me feel very welcomed; I think that’s one of the many great things about TC: members are always trying to connect with new people in a very sincere way.

885059_10101473965233684_1954044584_oAs time went on, I got to know the members more and started to immerse myself in Tzu Chi culture and the many volunteer events that were held. Even when I hadn’t known the members and advisors for very long, they made me feel as if I were a part of their big family. It always felt like a big family gathering or reunion every time we saw each other. There were trips to San Dimas, dinner gatherings, and holiday parties along with the volunteer events. As I grew more attached to the chapter, I wanted to become an officer and contribute more by helping with event planning and overall advancement of the organization. I came into the organization wanting to volunteer and help others, but I learned much more than I expected I would. For example, I didn’t realize that I would learn so much about sign language, Tzu Chi’s international work, and the other chapters across the nation. My college experience would not have been as meaningful as it had been if it were not for Tzu Ching. It was a pleasure to have been able to serve others through our community service events and make a positive influence through our philosophies of compassion and great love. Before joining this organization, I would have never known how powerful one idea, one person, and one seed of love could create such great blessings. My time in Tzu Ching was definitely a unique opportunity for me to cultivate myself to become a better individual through Master Cheng Yen’s teachings as well as all the Tzu Chings and advisors.


10257976_365531226981212_7109216665027989535_oDuring my time as a Tzu Ching, I have met some of my closest friends; they were the people who celebrated the happy days with me, pulled me through some very difficult times, and accepted me even when I had made my fair share of mistakes. I feel as if I have learned something important from every volunteer, advisor, and aid recipient that I have met. Even though I may have not realized it at first, I believe that our interactions have led me to understand more on how we should treat other people as well as ourselves. As an undergraduate student, I often overworked myself and would not easily forgive myself for the mistakes I made, whether it’d be academic, interpersonal, or TC-related. My fellow Tzu Chings, advisors, and even my own parents saw this trait in me and encouraged me to focus on the better side of each situation. I realized that I shouldn’t be achieving perfection; rather, it is more important to focus on doing my best while keeping a clear view of my goals. I came to understand that I should reflect on how I can be grateful for the all situations that I encounter, even my mistakes. In addition, I realized that I too should be accepting of others’ mistakes and see them as learning opportunities to improve our bonds with each other and the organization as a whole. As I continue to incorporate these teachings into my life, I will always remember the people who led me to discover them. I am deeply grateful to have parents who supported my journey as a Tzu Ching and to have such dedicated Tzu Chings, alumni, and advisors with whom I can learn the Tzu Chi path.


Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about my experiences with the organization! If you’re interested in joining TC, I recommend that you give it a try. You never know what great people and experiences you will encounter. 🙂

–Christine Diao


(We) (Love) (Tzu) (Ching) (Bodhisattva)

#SundaySharings- Jonathan Tran

13923459_10206935469878764_6695620517429328532_oMeet Jonathan Tran, an UCSD Tzu Ching member that is majoring in Literature and has a strong interest in Education.

Jonathan joined us back in the 2015-2016 school year when he found that he enjoyed volunteering. He explored various volunteering opportunities and stumbled upon UCSD Tzu Ching. This loving fellow has an interest in K-Pop and you can probably find him dancing to various K-Pop choreographies from groups and artists such as BTS, EXO or even Psy! Not only does he dance, but he also has a musical talent of playing piano, which he consistently performs for the elderly at Convalescent Home. Jonathan is now currently a 3rd-year at UCSD and recently had the opportunity to attend the 2016 TCCA Leadership Conference this past summer.

Let’s see what Jonathan has to share about his experience at the 2016 TCCA Leadership Conference!

2016 TCCA Leadership Conference Reflection

When I think of the TCCA Leadership Conference now, I ask myself, “What did I learn?” In terms of raw knowledge, I didn’t learn a lot of new things. Most (or even all) of the teachings and guidelines were already familiar to me because I’ve encountered them before at some points in my life. But the review does help me keep the lessons fresh in my mind. Also, I did learn at least a few things from attending the conference.

14423867_1154677411244950_425876030_oI got to see for myself what Tzu Chi is all about. In my short time as a Tzu Ching member so far, I’ve been to several volunteering events. Yet volunteering itself is only one component of Tzu Chi’s mission. At the conference, I was able to participate in many activities such as Waking Up to Wisdom, for which we woke up early to start our day with Master’s teachings; formal lunch, during which we ate in silence to keep in mind the preciousness of each meal; and Secret Pusa, which encourages us to learn from the positive traits of people around us. All of these events reminded me to be more aware of our world, all the good in our world, and the potential in each of us to help our world grow. I tasted a sample of the mindful Tzu Chi lifestyle.

14203424_1154677541244937_1141039981_oI loved the atmosphere created by everybody at the conference. This was the first time I’ve been around so many friendly and caring people for nearly three whole days. I enjoyed learning from the unique stories and perspectives that were shared with me. For example, we had a workshop about how to reduce and eliminate afflictions, or things that trouble us. We shared our own afflictions and discussed possible solutions. I learned not only from the ideas my groupmates suggested for me but also from hearing about their afflictions and solutions. I could apply their examples to similar situations in my own life. I also liked hearing from older speakers who passionately talked about their backgrounds, their journeys, and more. Leon SG, a senior Tzu Chi member, joined my group during Sweet Sweet Family Time. Leon strongly admires Master Cheng Yen and has been sent on missions by Master herself. Leon shared a story that demonstrates Master’s wisdom. A foreign billionaire was moved by Tzu Chi’s efforts and wanted to make a very generous donation to the first Tzu Chi Hospital. But Master turned down the money. Many people were shocked by Master’s decision because Tzu Chi was struggling to raise funds for their hospital. The donation would have been more than enough to finish construction. Leon explained Master’s reasoning: Master believed that the best way to fund the Tzu Chi hospital is for Tzu Chi members to work together. They should build their own hospital through teamwork no matter how difficult the task would be.

Good company makes every event worthwhile, but I felt very refreshed and uplifted among all the positive people. Besides having to say goodbye too soon, the only sad part of my TCCA experience was having to choose between getting six hours of sleep each night and staying up late with friends to enjoy our limited time together. I had great company at the conference. Though it wasn’t a profound, life-changing experience, the conference did help me take a few small steps toward a better direction — a few small but unique steps that were made possible by meeting the wonderful TCCA staff and fellow attendees.



Hello Superstars!

First, we want to thank those who have kept up with this blog and take the time to read the content :). We hope that you have enjoyed the content that we have provided from #MeetTheOfficers to our monthly Newsletters to our past Summer Sharings and so on. If there’s ever anything you would like to see from us, be sure to tell us! Either e-mail us, message us on Facebook, or comment below on any of our posts!

It seems like our audience likes to read reflections and sharings from our fellow Tzu Ching so we’re happy to announce that we’ll be having a general series called #SundaySharings :). We’re aiming to post sharings on Sundays from events that happen during the break such as Tzu Chi Collegiate Association Leadership Conference, Alumni and their thoughts and experiences with UCSD Tzu Ching, and more!

Look out for the reflection that we’ll be posting tomorrow ;).

With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching

November Newsletter

Dear UCSD Tzu Chings,

Even though there’s only one month left in this quarter, we still have some fun events for you.

Roger’s Community Garden

11/12 (Sat) @ Revelle Stonehenge (behind Galbraith Hall) for meet-up, 9:30AM

Come join us as we volunteer at Roger’s Community Garden! We’ll be doing various gardening tasks that the student caretakers there will be assigning us 😃 Learn a little bit more about agriculture, gardening, composting, hydroponics, solar panel systems, and more! Feel free to wear casual clothing as well as clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!

Convalescent Home

11/19 (Sat) @ Peterson Loop for rides, 9 AM

Every last Saturday of the month, Tzu Chings pay a visit to the Convalescent Home to brighten the day of the elderly by performing musical and dance numbers, playing interactive games such as charades, and chatting with them.

Holiday Party

11/18 (Fri) @ Earl Warren Room, 5:30 PM

In anticipation of the holiday season, UCSD Tzu Ching is throwing a party and you’re invited! Since this party is a vegetarian potluck, please indicate what you’ll be bringing or contributing  in the google form on the Facebook event page. Don’t forget to dress semi-formal, bring your EPKs, and have fun!

*For more event details, please check our Facebook page (UCSD Tzu Ching).

**If you are a new member, please fill out the following registration form so that we can contact you in the future: http://goo.gl/forms/z395gEQ45G

Hope to see you soon!

With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching

UCSD Tzu Ching Fall Orientation GBM 2016

Hi Superstars!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our 2016 Fall Orientation GBM :). We hoped that you were able to learn more about what it means to be a “Compassionate Youth”. In addition, we hope that you had as much fun as we did putting everything together for you all to enjoy!

Below are a couple of pictures to summarize what happened at GBM. 🙂

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Furthermore, we would love to receive feedback from you! From things that you enjoyed to what you feel like we could improve on, all feedback and comments are great ^_^. You can find the survey form here: https://goo.gl/forms/Ub643Pa3XJZwclhi1

Stay tuned on our Facebook Page for more pictures of your lovely faces from GBM 🙂 and check out which upcoming events are available to attend!

In addition, you can find the PPT we used for Fall Orientation GBM here: fall-orientation-gbm-2016
With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching



#MeetTheOfficers ’16-’17 Conclusion

Hey Superstars!

Thank you for those who have been following this series where we get to introduce each officer on our cabinet for the ’16-’17 school year. We hope that you got to know each officer a little bit more, the reasons we decided to become officers, and why we love our UCSD Tzu Ching family so much, as we not only give back to the community but also cultivate ourselves as a person.

If you think you’ve missed a post or perhaps would like to revisit a specific officer’s sharing, we have linked each post below ^_^.

Executive Team

Secretary Team

Public Relations Team

3-in-1 Team


In addition, we hope that you’ll join us for our Fall Orientation 2016 GBM this upcoming Friday, October 7th! It will be held at 6:00PM (Dinner provided) at Thurgood Marshall Room at Price Center. Please also bring your own tupperware if possible as we would like to minimize the waste we create to protect our environment.

Not to mention, you’ll finally be able to meet our wonderful officers (as well as more of our Tzu Ching Triton family) at the GBM, so we hope to see you there!

With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching

#MeetTheOfficers: Bryan Yang, 3-in-1 Team ’16-’17

10400103_10154051938304434_2483691298256460339_nMeet Bryan Yang, our Webmaster for the ’16-’17 school year!

Bryan is a 4th year Computer Science major. This 6′ 1″ compassionate fellow is really hard to catch in front of the camera due to his camera-shy nature. In his rare free time, Bryan can be found in the kitchen cooking up something delicious. In addition, he also enjoys watching anime or K-dramas such as Shokugeki no Soma or Descendants of the Sun. Bryan’s favorite colors are blue or dark colors. His favorite animal would have to be the polar bear. Bryan is often preoccupied with his many projects but still has the time to dedicate working on behind-the-scenes work for our wonderful UCSD Tzu Ching family.

I wanted to be 21 years old, now I want to be 5 years old.