#SundaySharings: Victoria Low

12640518_10153906157829104_4221894836427957728_o-1Meet Victoria Low, an UCSD Tzu Ching alumna who graduated with a Public Health major and Economics minor this June.

Victoria is currently back home in the Bay Area. Victoria is currently back home in the Bay Area, where she is currently pursuing a career path involving health and the development of people potential. In the future, she hopes to be in a position where she can fulfill her lifelong dream to own a dog and to be able to take her dog to work.

Though she is far from San Diego now, she has helped with curriculum planning and as an MC of the 2016 English Resource & Spiritual Retreat in San Dimas and supported the 2016 TCCA Leadership Conference. She plans to continue volunteering in the Bay and also does Chinese-English translation for Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s teachings with the Dharma as Water team in her spare time.

Let’s see what Victoria has to share about her experience with Tzu Chi and specifically with UCSD Tzu Ching. 🙂

“All of humanity is family so let us love each other without being partial to any.” 所謂 “落地皆兄弟”, 人類彼此互為親人, 應相互友愛, 不要有分別心.

I think this Jing Si Aphorism fits the overall mood over these years and why Tzu Chi is so important in the United States. Everyone in this world is part of the “one big family” of humanity, and we have more similarities than differences. Similarities don’t mean we’re all the same and have to get along with one another all the time. But we can have our own individuality and cultures without exclusion of others, and that is something that we, the humans of this earth, need to figure out before we destroy this earth and we destroy each other.


2016 English Resource & Spiritual Retreat w/ Tzu Ching Alumni that showed up

Love is the answer, and no, it is not that simple. Change happens slowly, one person at a time. I think Tzu Chi has a lot of potential to spread love across this nation through action, and the US of A has a lot of potential for creating change as a nation and internationally. Although Tzu Chi was founded in Taiwan and many in the US have some kind of Asian background, we are accepting and welcoming of those of other backgrounds because that’s not what Tzu Chi is about. Tzu Chi is about compassion towards all, including those outside our own social groups, and those whom we disagree with. Tzu Chi is about gratitude, respect, and love towards everyone. We can all learn from one another, which is why Tzu Chi has been successful internationally and will be successful in the United States.


“A true leader leads with sincerity and hard work, not just with competence and skill alone.” “人要真誠苦幹, 才能領導別人, 而非光靠能幹”

I graduated from the University of California, San Diego this June of 2016 and was the only executive team officer from 2015-2016 that left San Diego this year. I have been a proud member of the Tzu Ching leadership for three years, and I have done my best to lead UCSD Tzu Ching during my time with sincerity and hard work. Last school year as co-president, we challenged our officer cabinet to take on more leadership responsibility in planning and leading events. I took it personally upon myself to leave a good foundation for the upcoming officer cabinet so that if I were not there, they would have all the resources they needed to move forward. During my time in Tzu Ching, I learned to be comfortable in a public speaking role, to ask for more responsibility, and how to manage multiple projects at once. The things that you learn from being on a leadership team is very applicable to the workplace, but what about Tzu Ching is so different that makes people want to stay?

That answer is something that I hope that the new officer cabinet is able to discover and put into tangible words and action for their membership and those who they serve. The answer lies in the roots of Tzu Ching’s parent organization and the teachings and principles and is something that they’ll have to figure out themselves.


Graduation Gifts: Completing the circle of love that we started in Freshman year when we made Tzu Ching Bears for the graduates.


UCSD Tzu Ching is my original Tzu Chi family, so it has been difficult for me to be away from all the exciting things that are going on back in San Diego currently. Over my four years of involvement in Tzu Ching, I obviously have a lot of opinions and advice that I could give the new cabinet, but it’s also important for them to establish themselves and learn how to deal with the consequences of actions (explicit or implicit) that they decide to take. They have amazing Tzu Ching advisors and great alumni support (which I now have the honor of being part of), so I hope that the officers and members in UCSD Tzu Ching will feel comfortable asking questions and being active in their involvement. For me, the challenge lies in learning how to let go of all of this and not being there personally to see them grow.

13613326_10206744836080819_7580215464646969827_oThis is not new information, but my favorite event is Convalescent Home, and what I may actually miss the most are the lovely, wonderful, and sweet seniors and being there to talk and interact with them. I miss Tenshang SB and Peggy SG, our advisors in life, so much, but I know that I’ll see them and hopefully the others along this Tzu Chi path sometime.

— Victoria


If you want to read other sharings by Victoria, you can find her #MeetTheOfficers post here.



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