#SundaySharings: Roger Chou

Roger Chou (one of our Public Relations Officers for the ’16-’17 school year) is back at it again with a reflection from his Tzu Chi-filled summer :).

This year Roger had the opportunity to be a camp staff for the  2016 Tzu Chi Summer Camp (慈濟美國加州遊學營) and attend the Tzu Ching Leadership Conference in San Jose. Let’s see what this compassionate fellow has to say about these two experiences below:

Tzu Chi Summer Camp 2016

p_20160714_154152_bf       The time that I spent in the summer camp was the most fantastic experience in my life. I met a group of hardworking and creative students that impressed me in many ways. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be a Tzu Ching staff of this camp. I had never be in the curriculum team before, so it was hard for me to imagine the amount of effort that need to be put in. I learned skills that were required as a staff in curriculum team, and also absorbed tremendous amounts of knowledge from the trips and the students.

Before the camp started, I always thought that only Peggy and I would influence them. I never thought about that they would teach me knowledge beyond what was taught in the book.

I strongly agree with that I broadened my knowledge and understanding toward the city that I live in: Los Angeles. It had been around six years that I resided in LA prior to my enrollment in UCSD. I studied each place we headed to before we went there, and I realized that how little that I knew about LA. I felt kind of embarrassing that I only knew a little about LA before these students came here, so I am grateful they created chances for me to really look deeply the history and story of each place.

I’m so delightful that later in the camp students felt that I am part of them. This feeling of unity is so great! 13920189_281663652202890_6714459602729822292_o

Tzu Chi Collegiate Association Leadership Conference (San Jose) 2016

The National TCCA in this year stunned me so much. I learned so much and met so many amazing people. Even though I only took a day of break after the end of TCSC, I still was able to focus throughout the TCCA conference. Two things that I learned and apprehended were the meanings of “virtue” and “afflictions”.

I never really thought about “virtue” in my past years. It was always vague to me in term of definition in my mind, but it is actually easy to comprehend after several lecturers explained it. I really like the ways that they tried to explain to me, because they were really interactive and interesting.13925922_10206931467258701_5135285924896813128_o

For the term “affliction”, we were not just try to figure out what are some afflictions that bother us each day, we also try to think of how can we eliminate afflictions. We split to different groups that each had its own category of affliction. My feelings were matched with the topic that I picked. Everyone shared his or her affliction related to the category, and rest of people shared their methods to eliminate that affliction. I felt my long-term affliction had been eliminated in some way.

I am really glad to see all other Tzu Ching bodies from across the country, and I’m looking forward for the next TCCA.

— Roger Chou


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