#MeetTheOfficers ’16-’17 Conclusion

Hey Superstars!

Thank you for those who have been following this series where we get to introduce each officer on our cabinet for the ’16-’17 school year. We hope that you got to know each officer a little bit more, the reasons we decided to become officers, and why we love our UCSD Tzu Ching family so much, as we not only give back to the community but also cultivate ourselves as a person.

If you think you’ve missed a post or perhaps would like to revisit a specific officer’s sharing, we have linked each post below ^_^.

Executive Team

Secretary Team

Public Relations Team

3-in-1 Team


In addition, we hope that you’ll join us for our Fall Orientation 2016 GBM this upcoming Friday, October 7th! It will be held at 6:00PM (Dinner provided) at Thurgood Marshall Room at Price Center. Please also bring your own tupperware if possible as we would like to minimize the waste we create to protect our environment.

Not to mention, you’ll finally be able to meet our wonderful officers (as well as more of our Tzu Ching Triton family) at the GBM, so we hope to see you there!

With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching


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