#MeetTheOfficers: Roger Chou, Public Relations Team ’16-’17


Meet Roger Chou, one of our officers on the public relations team.

Roger is a 2nd year Environmental Engineering major with a business minor. In his free time he likes to be active: playing basketball, badminton, or working out at the gym with friends. Roger also likes like to read and volunteer. When asked who his favorite person was, he answered that his favorite American person is Conan O’ Brian. Roger thinks Conan O’ Brian is very witty and funny. He is also another fellow dog lover.

I wanted to be a host on television show when I was little. Now, I want to be a environmental engineer.

roger2.jpgMy first impression of Tzu Chi was at recycling station at the San Dimas Tzu Chi Headquarters. Later, I joined Tzu Shao and have not stopped volunteering with TC ever since that day. I believe TC provides a platform for us to contribute to our society. My favorite aspect of TC is everyone is open-minded and respects each others belief and faith. My favorite UCSD Tzu Ching event is when we visit convalescent home. It is so nice to see each senior smile and interact with us every time we go there.

My position is public relations. I am responsible for event page set-up and inviting people to join. I decided to become an officer because I want to spread love and peace around the campus. I want more people to share their abilities to help those who need help. I hope to have more people to join us and tighten those bonds between our officers and members.

For the peace we wish for tomorrow, start working on it today.



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