#MeetTheOfficers: Yanchen Wang, Public Relations Team ’16-’17

12977008_496536123880721_5593529503311964438_oMeet Yanchen Wang, our Public Relations Team Lead for the ’16-’17 school year .

Yanchen is a 4th year Mathematics & Economics major. In his free time, you can find Yanchen cooking up delicious dishes or fulfilling his wanderlust through travel. If you asked him who his role model was, it’d have to be John Davison Rockefeller. This humble and kind fellow loves the color orange as well as cats. And if you haven’t already figured it out, Yanchen is very sociable and outgoing! It’s more than likely that if you reach out to him, he will be more than willing to hang out with your good company.

In the past I wanted to be a pilot or train driver, now I want to be a pilot.  If possible in the future, I would like to get a non-commercial aviation license and fly in the sky in my free time.

I was looking for a organization for volunteer activities and TC is the organization that I found. A little bit later after attending more events, I found out that when I spread my love, I am also being loved. Another reason is that this organization is not just volunteer org, but a family, a big and loving family. I stayed because as I said, TC is not just a volunteer org, but a big family I can trust.People in TC are just like my family members. My favorite event would have to be Everybody Reads because when I interact with kids, they are just like my mirrors. From them, I can see myself from when I was a kid.

12496496_480042975530036_407160468640184669_oThis year, I am the Public Relations team lead. My responsibilities include organizing social events for members and publishing event pages for all of the events that we, UCSD Tzu Ching, hold. I decided to become an officer because I want to be able to contribute more to TC and try my best to make TC even better. I hope to try and organize different social events, both formal and informal, to allow our members to become closer and let them see or hopefully contribute to make them feel the way I feel. That TC is not just a volunteer org, but one big family.

Do not fear making mistakes; fear only not correcting them.

No one is prefect. Everyone will make mistakes but as long as you correct them and learn from them, you will benefit from the mistakes and improve yourself.


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