#MeetTheOfficers: Sandra Lin, Secretary Team ’16-’17

12957618_496536583880675_6863253412196874341_oMeet Sandra Lin, one of our officers on the secretary team.

Sandra is a 3rd year Biochemistry and Cell Biology major. She likes going out on adventures whether that’s hiking outdoors or some retail therapy inside the mall. Sandra also likes to watch k-dramas and anime in her free time. When asked who her role model was, she answered “Kathy Lam <3”. Sandra’s favorite animal would have to be the famous Studio Ghibli forest spirit Totoro, but if you don’t count that then it would be the adorable and playful red panda. This silly girl also loves the color white because of the fact that you can dye it any color but none of the colors can make white. Sandra will make you feel at ease when you are troubled and be the first one to volunteer if you’re in need of help. In addition, she LOVES hugs, so if you’re a fellow hugger, be sure to get to know her!

When I was little, I wanted to be a vet, but now I want to be a pharmacist aka a certified drug dealer ;D.

13920019_10206942830382772_3819154859517463486_o.jpgMy first impression of Tzu Ching was that everyone was kind, accepting, and loving. The next thing I knew, they became my home away from home. My favorite aspect of Tzu Ching is being able to see the seeds of service that we plant grow into little saplings. It shows in my favorite service event, the Medical Outreach, where we were able to help one person at a time, making contact and seeing how we make an impact in their lives.

I am one of the secretaries on the secretary team. I jot down the meeting minutes and service hours into our “big book of service”. I wanted to become an officer to help make other volunteers’ experiences at Tzu Ching as enjoyable as mine was when I first joined. My goal this year as an officer is to increase the size of our family.

Being angry is a form of torturing ourselves with the mistakes of others.

This is one of my favorite Jing Si Aphorisms because it reminds me to not get angry and be more understanding. I use it to quell my times of anger.


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