#MeetTheOfficers: Kathy Lam, Executive Team ’16-’17

12984039_496536467214020_4709359856939567441_o-2Meet Kathy Lam, our other Co Vice President for the ’16-’17 school year.

Kathy is currently a 3rd year Speculative Design Major (Visual Arts Department). Her creative talents always shine through from her photography to arts and crafts, or even graphic arts. This cute little panda likes to watch K-dramas and anime in her free time (or lack thereof). One of her favorite fictional characters is Chopper, from the anime One Piece, because even though he takes a while to warm up to other characters, he is “a talented doctor and takes care of anyone who is injured.” Kathy loves the color blue, from her laptop to basically her whole wardrobe. Her panda collection is also pretty much endless. Whenever you feel down, she’s the person to cheer you up with bundles of heart-melting animal videos, especially those starring Shiba Inus or Corgis or all kinds of adorable fluff-balls!

When I was little, I wanted to be a panda keeper or teacher or doctor. Now I just want to be a graphic artist or work with Virtual/Augmented Reality.



Spring Quarter: Ecoverse Workshop

My first impression of Tzu Ching was a fun group of people who provided a heartwarming environment and surrounded me in kindness. I’ve been involved with Tzu Chi in the past as a Tzu Shao (High School) but it never felt as exciting or heartwarming as it is to be a Tzu Ching. Whether that had to do with maturing from the teenage angst phase or just the overall amazing people I’ve met during my past 2 years here as a UCSD Tzu Ching, I’m glad I gave Tzu Ching a chance. At first I stayed for the people and their warm-environment, then I stayed because the feelings rewarded while helping others felt priceless. Now, I stay because I want to give back to this organization and community that has helped cultivate the person I am today.
My favorite aspect of Tzu Chi is that we’re all about compassion. I mean, “Tzu Ching” literally means Compassionate Youth. We give and keep giving without expecting to receive anything in return and this is how we cultivate our character. I love that Tzu Chi is a no-judgement zone and allows me to make mistakes yet nurture myself to be an even better person than who I was yesterday. The people you surround yourself with definitely influence you a lot and the people that you find in Tzu Ching are all compassionate, respectful, loving, and more.


2016 Year-End Blessing Sign Language Performance: Great White Ox Cart

As for event wise, I don’t really have a favorite event. I love participating in sign language performances as well as all of our regular events. I don’t have a particular favorite because I’m usually not the person who is actively helping out the person (kids at Everybody Reads or at Happy Campus or the elderly at Convalescent Home Visits) but I am the person standing behind the camera documenting these acts of kindness and eternalizing our memories hehe. Though, I can tell you that my hands-down favorite event to document is Everybody Reads. Capturing smiles and the interaction between our volunteers and the kids, it really shows how much of an impact a single person can have on another :).


My position this year is Co Vice-President with the lovely Mandy Lai and our job is to support the Co-Presidents and fulfill their roles in their times of absence. In addition, I will mostly handle “the monies” while continuing my role of documenting our activities.



2016 US TCCA Leadership Conference: “Virtuemon”

I decided to continue being an officer because I enjoy being involved and having the opportunity (as I have said previously) to give back to the organization that has helped me make me who I am today. I love leading and coordinating projects. Though I must say, I tend to have a habit of taking tasks all upon myself which isn’t ideal. Being an officer allows me to practice and improve upon my teamwork skills. Furthermore, I want to create an environment that welcomes other members to join us in this mission of spreading “Great Love” just how it was like for me when I first joined. Not saying that people can’t do that as a non-officer, but it definitely puts you in a situation to have a mindset that doesn’t allow for as many excuses.

It’s fun being able to incorporate my hobbies and skills acquired from work, such as photography, graphic design, and marketing, and apply it to our TC Activities.


#WeeklyWisdoms 1-51

This year, yet again, I hope to bring more awareness to our organization on campus aka “TC Awareness” and in return that will hopefully pull in interest and increase our membership and possibly diversity. A couple of things I would like to check-off this year is to at create at least one video promotion of our regular events (most likely Everybody Reads), another sign language video (possible sign language performance on campus?), continue #WeeklyWisdoms, build a team who is interested in documenting, and at least one skill-related workshop open to the general public! I realize that this sounds like a lot of things but it seems realistic to me hehe.

“You must first love yourself, before you can love all human beings.”

This isn’t necessarily my favorite Jing Si Aphorism, but I tend to pick Jing Si Aphorisms to guide me in a direction I feel like I need to work on the most. In this case, self-care and loving myself would be the things I feel like I need to focus on :).


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