#MeetTheOfficers: Mandy Lai, Executive Team ’16-’17

13902607_10208909264702483_5041902680892519613_nMeet Mandy Lai, our Co Vice President for the ’16-’17 school year.

Mandy is currently a 3rd year Physiology and Neuroscience major. This sweet little ball of sunshine will catch your attention out of nowhere. When she was asked about who her role-model was she replied “I love my mother, if it’s not cliche to say so. She’s played a major role in all my major accomplishments. Thanks for being there mom!”. This super lovable and family-oriented girl loves magical unicorns and the color pink. Also, if you’re a doge lover, she has a Pomeranian named “Didi” who will melt your heart, just add Mandy on snapchat and you’ll get glimpses of this cute fur ball.

 “I actually wanted to be a doctor when I was seven and, strangely enough, I still want to be one today.”

My first impression of TC was how kind and generous the individuals in the organization are. The upperclassmen quickly became my role models. I stayed because it was a safe place where I could find happiness through volunteering with others with a similar passion. My favorite aspect of TC is the understanding quality that we treat each individual with. The people in this organization are willing to help no matter what.

12640525_465901793610821_2011963152071797504_oMy favorite event is Happy Campus. This is likely the case because it was my first UCSD TC event. Nevertheless, I like to think that the kids at Ibarra Elementary are just that special. They are very important to me and are one of the few individuals who have the ability to make my heart melt.

I am this year’s Co- Vice President, partnering with our lovely Kathy Lam. I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes work this year and helping the Presidents out!

I decided to become an officer because I wanted to become more involved with Tzu Chi. I have been a part of this organization for a third of my life and I realized I wanted to learn more about it. I’m happy I did!

As a part of the Executive Team, I hope that I can help create a comfortable sense of unity within the organization. I want to make sure that the people of our organization experience the same happiness through volunteering as I do. Thus, I do feel that establishing the correct environment is important.

It is more of a blessing to serve others than to be served.

Over the past year, I’ve been asked this question multiple times and despite the many inspirational aphorisms I have heard, I always return to the same one. I will never forget how great it feels to help another individual. Honestly, the satisfaction and happiness I receive with simple acts of kindness have positively reinforced me to (hopefully) never stop helping others.


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