#MeetTheOfficers: Tiffany Chen, Executive Team ’16-’17

12973046_496535840547416_559877359681169043_oMeet Tiffany Chen, our other Co-President for the ’16-’17 school year.

Tiffany is currently a 4th year Chemistry major. “T-Chem”, as we call her, is extremely modest and selfless, donating $5 a month for children in need. She has many unspoken talents that you will find out about the more you get to know her. From being a master crafter and abacus mathematician, Tiffany really likes solving puzzles, mysteries, or anything that gives her impeccable brain a challenge. On her free time, she loves to listen to music or watch dramas. Some of the dramas she’s currently watching are Moonlight Drawn by Clouds as well as Cinderella and the Four Knights!

“I wanted to work for CSI when I was little because my favorite show was CSI:NY. The show was one of the motivation to become a chemistry major. Now, I want to be a researcher, but if I were offered to work in a crime lab for analytical works, I would do it!”

I joined Tzu Shao when I was in 8th grade. I was impressed by the uniformity. All of them were wearing a blue shirt and white pants. At first, I felt nervous and distanced from everyone else because they were mostly from high school. However, they were really welcoming. I enjoyed volunteering and meeting people from different schools. I stay in Tzu Chi because I appreciate what I have learned from volunteering and Master’s teachings. Most importantly, Tzu Chi is like a family.

13925842_10206942846743181_7956947156635003480_oMy favorite aspect of TC is the family atmosphere. Working with other members and advisors is not only rewarding that we have the opportunity to help others, but also heart warming because we spent a lot of time together that we have become one big family.

My favorite event is Everybody Reads. Spending time with younger kids is relaxing and fun because often I am brought to their world, listening to them sharing about their life. I feel stress-free and happy.

This year, I’m Co-President with Lydia. I help coordinate and plan events and meetings. I also oversee the Vice Presidents’ responsibilities so that deadlines are met. This coming school year will be my third year being part of the officer cabinet. I continued being an officer because I have seen how UCSD Tzu Ching have grown and I want to continue helping and let more people learn about us and Tzu Chi. This year, I hope to improve on member recruitment and bring more diversity to the group.


“Do not let criticism dampen our motivation”

Criticism can be harsh and hurtful, but how you respond to that criticism is the key to self-improvement.


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