#MeetTheOfficers: Lydia Kung, Executive Team ’16-’17

12967550_496535893880744_2467572450670358762_oMeet Lydia Kung, our Co-President for the ’16-’17 school year.

Lydia is currently a 4th year Human Biology major. She secretly has a hidden artistic talent and has been recently reading many fiction titles. Her favorite past time consists of drawing and playing video games, all the while being a master troll. If you asked her who her favorite person was, it would have to be Emma Watson. She likes the color “apple green” and her favorite animal is a cat. Also, if you have any leftovers, she’s the one you want to ask to finish them to make sure we don’t waste any of that precious food :).

“I wanted to be a doctor when I was little. Now I think it’d be pretty cool to work for NASA.”


I joined TC as a Tzu Shao in high school. Back then, I didn’t feel like anyone wanted to be there, so I didn’t join TC my first year of college, thinking that it’d be the same. I’m so glad I gave it another chance my second year of college. TCCA has been such a cheerful and supportive influence in my life, I stayed because the Tzu Ching inspired me to inspire those around me to spread great love.
12970838_496547483879585_2451199002757527216_o.jpgMy favorite aspect of TC is our all-inclusiveness. We’re friendly to everyone, despite their backgrounds and appearances. We try to accommodate for people and try to take complications away through compassion. I love how everyone wants to learn the Bodhisattva way, so we can practice good deeds and learn from each other. This isn’t restricted to the SD chapter either; we have connections everywhere, both in this nation and outside of it. Together, we’re like one big family with the solitary goal to ease suffering throughout the world.

My favorite event is Everybody Reads. After going a few consecutive times and working with the same kids, we get to form connections on a personal level. Although they may not remember the individual volunteers, it’s still great to see their learning progress and have fun with them, knowing I had an impact on their early life and education. I think it’s great that TC volunteers get the opportunity to practice Tzu Chi’s missions (Mission of Education, Mission of Charity) especially for these underserved children.

12841358_480333668834300_4268556300168130817_o.jpgFor the 2016-2017 school year, I am the co-president of TC. I plan events together with the rest of the executive team and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. I will be presenting a lot in the front of the room, so you’ll be seeing me quite a bit!

I decided to become an officer because I wanted to take on more responsibility and feel closer to the org members. This was also inspired by another Jing Si Aphorism, “Do not wish for less responsibility in order to enjoy a life of leisure. Ask for more strength to take on more responsibilities.” By putting myself in a position with more responsibilities, I can learn to cultivate stronger friendships and manage my time/priorities better. I believe that this was a necessary step to build a more fulfilling personal life.

I hope to inspire more people to spread great love and strengthen UCSD Tzu Ching. Tzu Chi roots are important to how we operate, so in the upcoming year, I want to educate others about these origins and help them understand why we do things in a modern way. Through this kind of education, I hope members can see Tzu Chi’s intentions for our traditional practices.

“Many seek illumination by lighting a lamp, when the true light is within our hearts.”

This is my favorite Jing Si Aphorism because it reminds me to view everyone as intrinsically good people who are capable of spreading great love. It tells me to be mindful of my own actions to inspire the light in those around me.


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