Ecoverse Workshop Summary & Upcoming Events

Hi Superstars!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Ecoverse Workshop :). Hopefully everyone learned a little bit more about minimizing their carbon footprint, how to be more sustainable, and practice a “Zero Waste” lifestyle. Also, thank you to Tracy SG for teaching the above. Make sure to take care of those plants by watering them once a week and keep those “Jing Si Aphorisms” in mind!

We held this workshop as a way to uphold one of Tzu Chi’s 4 missions and 8 footprints of Environmental Protection. Also, we wanted to address a very big issue with our generation.  A lot of us have accepted that there is climate change, but we are not proactive about it.

Climate change may feel like such a large scale problem, that we cannot deal with it. However, every movement starts from the individual. Therefore, we hope that this workshop has inspired you to be that individual that takes action and will continue a cycle of inspiration. Whether it’s carrying around a reusable bottle or refusing a single straw, every little bit counts :).

It definitely will be a big change and long process to fully adopt a “Zero Waste Lifestyle”but the point is to be mindful of your everyday actions and their consequences!

Society has made it very easy for us to take the convenient, but not so environmentally friendly, route. It may seem troublesome to do “all these things” to work towards a “Zero Waste Lifestyle” but think about the impact that you are making.

If we don’t change our behavior now, then when? Let’s not wait until it is too late.

In addition, let’s continue to send our blessings, prayers, and good thoughts towards the victims of Japan’s double earthquake as of 4/15/16. Efforts are currently being made to deal with the aftermath of the earthquakes and rescue residents of the region. We wish the victims and those affected by the earthquakes a speedy recovery from this disaster.

We also talked about all the upcoming events with UCSD Tzu Ching for the next 5 weeks so you can check out the PowerPoint (or our google calendar) to see what is coming up!

You can see the Powerpoint here: Upcoming Events (Ecoverse 4-15-16)

With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching


*Pictures from the workshop will be uploaded on our Facebook page as well as this post sometime later this week 🙂 4/17-4/20*


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