April 2016 Newsletter

Dear Tzu Chings,
Welcome back! We have a lot of exciting events coming up for you:
Ecoverse Bottle Planting
4/15 (Fri) @ Red Shoe Room, 6 PM
Join us as we learn how to be sustainable by reusing bottles to create a planter. You will also get to keep your plants! Free food will be served.
Everybody Reads
4/17 (Sun) @ Peterson Loop for rides, 8 AM

Tzu Chings tutor grades 1-12 children from low-income families in math, English, and/or other school subjects at the Crown Heights Community Resource Center in Oceanside. We also help promote Ji Sing Aphorisms to help the students learn good habits to incorporate into their lives.
Happy Campus
4/22, 4/29 (Fri) @ Croutons at the Student Service Center for rides, 12:30 PM
Every Friday, Tzu Chings mentor students from first to fifth grade at Herbert Ibarra Elementary School. Our goal is to teach them the meaning of love, respect, and gratitude and integrate it into their lifestyle no matter what their family background.
Convalescent Home
4/23 (Sat) @ Peterson Loop for rides, 9 AM
Every month, Tzu Chings pay a visit to the Convalescent Home to brighten the day of the elderly by performing musical and dance numbers, playing interactive games (such as charades), and chatting with them.
*For more event details, please check our Facebook page (UCSD Tzu Chingor our website (ucsdtzuching.wordpress.com) for how to sign up for an event if you don’t have Facebook.
**If you are a new member, please fill out the following registration form so that we can confirm your attendance during eventshttp://goo.gl/forms/z395gEQ45G
UCSD Tzu Ching

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