Job Opportunity – Tzu Ching International Summer Camp 2016

Hi Superstars!

So you may or may not have heard about Tzu Chi International Summer Camp or “TCSC” from some of our volunteers Kathy Lam & Bryan Yang. Well if you haven’t, TCSC is a unique opportunity for those attending from Taiwan as well as the people who coordinate it.

11225475_10203273596880669_5147870293489762040_oTCSC is a chance for students that attend Tzu Chi schools in Taiwan to come and experience the American educational system, diverse culture, cultivate their leadership skills, and more. These students range from high school to university levels, so their age is not so far from our own collegiate volunteers :). It’s definitely a great chance to challenge yourself with many leadership roles such as dorm manager, activities coordinator, discussion facilitator, and chaperone. You’ll even get to travel all over California, visiting Stanford, UC Berkeley, Google, Universal Studios and even Disneyland!

You will not regret the experience you will gain from this opportunity and you’ll definitely make lots of friends :). You don’t have to be afraid as you will not be working alone, BUT it will definitely push you to your limits physically, mentally, and maybe even emotionally as it is a month long camp.

Nonetheless, this opportunity is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Find more information about the requirements and expectations here:


If you want to hear about our UCSD Tzu Ching’s experience on TCSC 2015:

Kathy Lam’s Sharing & Bryan Yang’s Sharing

Also, don’t be afraid to personally message them and ask them for more details 🙂


With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching


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