Meet the Officers: Lydia Kung, Secretary Team

11149819_367588746775460_6721838121895019759_oLydia Kung

3rd Year, Human Biology Major

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 5

“The body can tire but the spirit must not tire, for the spirit is the fountain of wisdom.”

This is my favorite Jing Si Aphorism because it means that as long as the personal spirit remains uplifted and compassionate, the body will (eventually) do its bidding. A tired body means a temporary rest, but a tired spirit means a permanent rest. In order to keep expanding wisdom, the spirit must remain unbroken to see more and understand more of the world.

My first impression of Tzu Chi was that it’s such a big, organized group. I liked how the people represented the organization and appeared so composed. I stayed because the people are all kind and genuine to each other, and the people they are aiding. TC has become my family because I know that I can trust anyone associated with this organization.

11174430_365531160314552_2034565519296908944_oI am part of the secretary team! I keep track of volunteer hours and driver logs.

I hope to build stronger relationships with my TC family and expand the UCSD branch.

I decided to become an officer so I could incorporate more TC into my life. As part of the cabinet, I am more obligated to keep up with events, and I happily do my best with my schedule.

I joined Tzu Chi because my mom initially made me. She thought that TC was a worthwhile organization to check out, since a SG helped her during her recovery time from a surgery. I resented TC at first because I had to get up so early for all the events. I didn’t feel like the other Tzu Shao’s at the time wanted to be there either, and that thought kept me from joining Tzu Ching my freshman year of college. I decided to rejoin TC in my second year because I wanted to see if it was different from the Tzu Shao mentality. I’m so glad I gave Tzu Ching a chance because this organization has given me many more good friends who all treat each other like family.

11154775_363508767183458_888360061223629792_oMy favorite aspects of Tzu Chi is the morals and outlook toward life. I like how they teach people to respect each other, and try to inspire others to spread great love throughout the world. The TC members give unconditional love and hope to those who need it. I hope to learn from them and contribute to great love as well.

My favorite event is currently Everybody Reads. Even though volunteers have to get up early for it, I like to help the kids and see them grow with each session. The children may not remember exactly who helped them, but every one of us TC volunteers positively impact their lives. That’s why Everybody Reads is worth attending.



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