Meet the Officers: Grace Pan, Secretary Team

12615208_462835107250823_2436003943076260787_oGrace Pan

2nd Year, Bioinformatics Major

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 1

“Forgive those who unintentionally hurt us. Do not be someone who is easily hurt by others.”

When I walked into the fall GBM my freshman year, it was a last-second decision. I didn’t even know Tzu Chi had collegiate chapters until I saw the flag outside the GBM room. I saw the professionalism and kindness that all the officers shared, which was different from other clubs I had seen. The officers were so kind and welcoming, which I appreciated as it was my first month at college and I had felt a bit overwhelmed. At my first volunteer event, I saw the same thing. UCSD TC officers and members shared a kindness I had yet to see at UCSD, as well as a passion for helping others less fortunate. That’s what keeps me keep coming back.

12493971_462834280584239_5255333297834523588_oI am part of the secretary Team and I take meeting minutes at Officer Meetings.

I hope to attend more events and meet more new members. I haven’t really had a chance to meet anyone new yet.

I decided to become an officer because I really looked up to last year’s officer cabinet and because I was encouraged to take a position.

11146457_363508487183486_4069147614420595330_oI joined Tzu Chi when I was younger because my parents enrolled me in a Tzu Chi Chinese school. But then I moved and stopped being in involved with Tzu Chi. I’ve always remembered how kind the people of Tzu Chi are, and how strong their message is. I think that is what made me want to rejoin when I got to UCSD.

My favorite event is Everybody Reads because I like working with kids and helping them learn. It is a very relaxed and fun environment, and the food is always something to look forward to. Most of all, I love seeing the kids improve as the year goes on.




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