Meet The Officers: Christine Hsu, Secretary Team

12068527_435688696632131_367907009227006932_oChristine Hsu

4th Year, Management Science

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 2.5

“People often feel upset because they take careless remarks too seriously.”

I like and learn a lot from all Jing Si Aphorisms, especially those about gratitude. However, I chose this one because I would like to remind myself this everyday.

What was your first impression of Tzu Chi(ng) and why did you stay?

11154994_375081849359483_2736390029523342431_oEveryone I met was really friendly and energetic. It made me felt very welcomed. I love the family-feel of Tzu Ching and therefore I stayed.

My officer position is Secretary Team Lead. Keep tract of members’ volunteer hours. Update member list/info. Send out monthly emails and monthly reports.

This year I hope to recruit more members and increase our diversity.

I became an officer because I bumped into Christine Diao (TC President 2014-2015) on my way to class. She told me that I was qualified to apply, so I decided to try. 🙂

As explained above, I love the friendly and family-feel of the organization.

My favorite event has to be Happy Campus! Because it happens every week and you really get to know the students. It’s amazing to see their growth!


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