Meet The Officers: Kathy Lam, 3-in-1 Team

12095205_435691739965160_2505015507307084715_oKathy Lam, 3-in-1 Team

2nd Year, Speculative Design Major

Years involved in Tzu Chi(ng): 6 in Tzu Chi, 1.5 in Tzu Ching

I don’t quite remember my first impression of Tzu Chi as that was awhile ago and I had joined Tzu Shao (high school version of Tzu Chi(ng)) because of my family. It was a combination of pleasing my family, getting community service hours done, and actually wanting to help others. I originally wasn’t even sure I wanted to continue Tzu Chi throughout college as it felt like a forced involvement due to family influence rather than self-voluntary in high school. I felt trapped and burdened rather than happiness and fulfillment.

1547964_846712418708927_7193757015406520125_oHowever, I gave it a chance and my first impression of UCSD Tzu Ching was that it was very welcoming and gave off a warm family vibe. It was a lot more fun because I got to decide for myself whether I wanted to volunteer or not. Not to mention the company that came with it was great as well. It’s great sharing our experiences helping out others.

I actually got attached to volunteering, even if it meant I would get less sleep because of the super early events. It helps me relax and take my mind off of all the stress and focus on the people that need me to be there and my support. I say this because this quarter I haven’t been able to go out to regular events due to my academic workload, family responsibilities and more. I found myself falling into a slump because all I could focus on were deadlines and requirements. The support and love you find in Tzu Chi(ng) is honestly the most heartwarming experience ever.

10872754_10153092475461257_2145244674818581847_oMy position is 3-in-1 Team Lead :), basically the equivalent to documentary/historian team for other organizations. I basically capture all of our wonderful memories and put them in a place for all of us to look back on. jk sort’ve. But yeah, basically lots of pictures and editing ^_^. Attempting to bring back some videography and journalism stuff too :).

TC Logo.jpgGoals for the year? Logo, check! Website re-vamp, check! #WeeklyWisdoms, check!
Spreading the word about Tzu Ching and recruiting more members? Still in progress xD

I hope to spread the word about our Tzu Ching organization at UCSD.
A lot of conversations I have with people about TC are:
“What org are you a part of?”
“Tzu Ching/Compassionate Youth, it’s a service org”
“Oh, is it new?…”
“No… we’ve been established for 15+ years now ^_^;…”

^ I want to change that.

TC holds a really close place to my heart. My family is involved and some of the closest friends I’ve made are in TC as well. TC has done so much for me in becoming a better person and I just wanted to give back to it by doing the things I know how to do: photography, designing graphics, marketing, etc.

Yeah, I didn’t have to become an officer to be so involved, but I just wanted to ^_^.

My favorite aspects about Tzu Ching are about how we come together to give back to our community, improve ourselves along the way, and get to create lasting friendships as well. You also get to learn a lot about what Tzu Chi does as a whole on an international basis and how inspirational the organization is itself. Knowing how Tzu Chi started from the influence and endurance of a single person (and 30 housewives) and is still maintained by the same single person (Dharma Master Cheng Yen) makes you believe in the power of just one person – yourself- a lot more.
Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.17.39 AMMy favorite event isn’t necessarily a regular event that UCSD Tzu Ching does but it would have to be our Year End’s Blessing for Lunar New Year because of all the sign language performances. Sign language is fun because not only are you learning a language but you get to display it in a performative way. You also get to spend a lot of time bonding with friends as you all go through the process from start to end together. Sign language performances are probably when I get to understand those around me the most.

Favorite Jing Si Aphorism:

Remain soft-spoken and forgiving,
even when reason is on your side.

I used to reject this idea and would always argue against my aunts but after awhile I realized that speaking loudly and aggressively only ignites more negative emotions. Holding anger within me only punished and hurt myself so it was best to just let it go. It’s also the Jing Si Aphorism decal I won at a raffle from my first GBM haha.


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