Meet The Officers: Tiffany Ho, Executive Team

10688378_371448706389464_5159141326001481321_oTiffany Ho, Co-President

4th Year, Human Biology

Years Involved with Tzu Chi(ng): 4

My position is Co-President with Victoria Low. Along with executive team, I help to coordinate and plan events. I facilitate communication within and outside the club so that each team and officer knows what needs to be accomplished.

This year I would like to see for our club as a whole to improve in efficiency in all aspects, such as event planning, recruitment, and communication.

Being part of this club for the past few years, I have loved and enjoyed every event that I took part in. To the best of my ability, I wish to continue the traditions of the club while also adding in my own ideas. I hope to spread awareness of Tzu Ching and share with students throughout UCSD the reasons why I enjoy attending Tzu Ching events.

What was your first impression of Tzu Chi(ng) and why did you stay?

11154748_367589096775425_1024699373715242940_oHaving attended Tzu Chi Academy since elementary school, I have known about the organization for a couple years. However, it was not until I came to college that I really became familiar with the organization. Being involved with Tzu Ching for the past years in college, I have definitely learned and grown a lot.

I initially joined UCSD Tzu Ching from recommendation by a Hawaii Tzu Ching. When he heard that I will be attending UCSD, he recommended that I join the TC family here in UCSD.

My favorite aspect of Tzu Ching is that I get to volunteer and help out in the community along with a group of friends that have grown to be like my family.

10359024_452145768319757_7987359752105593159_oMy favorite event is Everybody Reads because not only was it the very first Tzu Ching event I attended at UCSD, but also because I enjoy all the interactions we get with the children. I have grown pretty familiar with some of the kids at the event and it is heartwarming to see them grow up throughout the years.

“When there are many good people, the power of blessings and kindness is great.”

I like this Jing Si Aphorism because it describes the power of people working together. It perfectly expresses all the volunteers in Tzu Chi and Tzu Ching that work together to provide relief and assistance to people worldwide or in their communities. Some work may be too large for one person to handle by himself or herself, but with the help of a group of people, the work may seem simple. This can also relate to work in our club where we divide up responsibilities according to teams. Together our efforts contribute to the overall goal of the event.


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