Happy New Year! Welcome Back & Meet the Officers :)

Hello 2016! Happy New Year to all our superstars ^_^.

Winter Quarter starts tomorrow and it’s about time that we introduce our 2015-2016 UCSD Tzu Ching officer cabinet :D.

We got together a couple of questions (why our officers decided to join the cabinet, their first impression of TC, what they love about TC, etc.) and compiled each officer’s answers into a post!

We’ll be releasing a new post for the next 13 weekdays until we get through all of our officers from our 4 teams 🙂 .

In addition, we’ll be posting some reflections from Alumni as well as reflections from 3 of our fellow Tzu Ching members as they had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2015 International Tzu Ching camp in Hualien, Taiwan over the Winter Break!! So be sure to look out for that as well :D.

Meanwhile, let’s look back on Tzu Chi’s Footprints of Love in 2015:

Until tomorrow

With Gratitude,

UCSD Tzu Ching 🙂 ❤



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