#UCSDTCCA Summer Journey – Can Deng

Meet Can Deng, one of our precious members of the Public Relations Team 🙂

You don’t have to be afraid of what she thinks of you because she will tell you on the spot. She is very blunt and will tell you what is on her mind but only because she really cares about the people around her ^_^. Can has a very easygoing personality so don’t be afraid to talk to her :D. If you have any ideas for what kind of socials or other volunteering events to have, be sure to let her know so she may be able to make it happen!

Let’s see what she has to say about her TC Summer Experience :D.

***There is a Chinese version below the English version ^_^.

Tzu Chi Collegiate Association Leadership Conference 2015

The summer trip with TCCA is for sure one of the most meaningful events for me this year. I have met so many warm-hearted and intelligent friends, and more importantly, wisdom of dealing worldly issues is the most profound part of the camp.

I joined TC last year for volunteering purpose without any religion preference. Though TC in UCSD doesn’t propagandize as a Buddhist cult, TC in general is under great influence of Buddhism ideology. At TC camp, we live in Buddhism ritual: pray before eating, bow to each other on all occasions, and so on; we are also fully immersed in Buddhism learning environment that we learn Buddhist aphorisms every morning and during basically all studying sessions. To be honest, at the very beginning, as a Philosophy minor student, I am not able to accept the huge religious shock since I am completely religious free. However, after I really get into some words that are told to us, I feel these Buddhist living philosophies are worth learning for everyone despite your personal religious beliefs. I will give the most impressive aphorism for me as an example. It is said that ELIMINATING ANXIETY IS THE EMBODIMENT OF YOUR WISDOM. In other words, getting rid of your anxiety is an ability you should possess to make yourself feel better and work harder. This aphorism strikes me because I am the kind of person who has many concerns. I am concerned about academics, my living style, and my future goal. Admittedly, these concerns are substantial for me. However, I am trapped in these worries to a great extent. This aphorism illuminates immediately when I read about it. Instead of raising numerous concerns like philosophers, facing your worries with positive attitudes and trying the best to solve them are real focuses of living a life. After that, I witness my changes in openness of religion. I am still religious free. However, instead of refusing to embrace any religious concept, I respect and welcome any religious idea worth absorbing. Just like the main character in the movie Pi, he tries all religions he knows when he is young. By experiencing different ideologies, he is able to come up with the most suitable philosophy for his individual life. Gladly, I recognize myself as a Philosophy learner more confidently.

The biggest task of TC is volunteering. In TC summer camp, we get to know all volunteering works TC people do at different levels of scale. Some are within communities, and some are international assists. It is so touching that those elites from different professions are willing to contribute to the society devoting their money and time. Being a person able to influence and change the world may be a big dream everyone has in certain age. We may found this dream ridiculous while we are growing up. But, no, changing and benefiting the world is not inaccessible. We can reach it by devoting a little care and love to the circumstance around us. A person’s strength seems small, but a group of people’s power will be huge. I am so appreciative to know these great peers who are not only good as professionals, but also love and care about people and world around them.

I am proud to be a part of TC family. No matter why you start your participation here, I believe YOU WILL STAY FOR THOSE WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

– Chinese Version- 


去年加入慈濟的我僅僅是為了參與誌願者活動。而慈濟本身是帶有佛教性質的,儘管加州聖地牙哥分部在招新時並不要求這一點。夏天的慈濟研修營完全遵循了佛教的禮節,用餐前要吟誦,活動結束要鞠躬, 不僅如此,學員們無時無刻不被傳授佛教理念。一開始,對於輔修哲學的我來說,一種宗教理念的徹底灌輸是不可接受的。但隨後,一些十分有道理和內涵的佛經解讀讓我改觀。我印象最深的是一句,“能消除煩惱即是慧。”這句話很簡單,光看字面意思就足夠理解。可我乍一看到,即產生了醍醐灌頂茅塞頓開的感覺。學哲學的人都熱衷思考,或許在學術方面存有疑慮,或思考人生,或思考未來。思考本身是值得鼓勵的事,但過度的思考反而可能讓人陷入無力。我往往為了能想個明白而煩惱憂愁起來,這已然不再是正常的了。所以,看到這句話,我頓悟自己以往是多麽的為自己添堵。消除煩惱就是應該用積極的態度努力解決問題,不是固步自封將自己困在疑惑中。我自此覺得生活完全是一片開闊光明。除此以外還有很多極具智慧的佛經解讀,讓我認識到從前自己對宗教的排斥不是思想開放的表現。能夠正視各種宗教理念,並且吸收有益的想法才更開明。就像少年派這部電影中的主角小時候所作,他信了那麽多宗教,以追尋他想要尋求的意義,盡管最後他什麽都不信了,卻集了百家所長,產生了自己獨特的人生哲學。何不妨抱著欣賞的心態,體驗一番佛學的博大精深呢。要做一個兼容並包、博采眾長的人。




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