#UCSDTCCA Summer Journey – Justine Lee

Meet our other TC Baby, Justine Lee ❤ ! 

This little bundle of joy is joining our UCSD Tzu Ching Family :). Justine is a 1st year majoring in Electrical Engineering at Sixth College :D. She attended TCYA Leadership Retreat 2015 this summer as a group leader and performed their own group choreography to Viva La Vida – Coldplay. Though it’s just the beginning and we have yet to get to know her some more, we’re happy to welcome her as a TC Triton ❤ .

Let’s enjoy her sharing about her experience at TCYA Leadership Retreat!

Tzu Chi Youth Association Leadership Retreat 2015

At the Tzu Shao Leadership Retreat, I was grouped with various students from different Tzu Chi chapters around the US. During the first day, most of the Tzu Shaos in my group didn’t talk to each other very much, but as we did more and more icebreakers, we gradually got the conversations going. The most exciting activity was during the second day when we went to the icebreaker booths that required teamwork. My personal favorite was the Human Web as it took us 2 tries to get everyone across.

A couple of us (including me) had to be carried through the top sections by people we just met. However we trusted one another to lift and be lifted. As we overcame each obstacle, our team motto became “TRUST,” the answer to every question. Through the Human Web activity, we came to terms that there are times when we must stop, accept our mistakes, and go back to find an alternate solution. From the 3 day retreat, I learned ways to make friends quickly while creating a trust bond between each other. I also learned how each individual can make an impact to their community by putting out their ideas and reaching out to others to help participate.


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