#UCSDTCCA Summer Journey – Bryan Yang

Meet our new transfer member, Bryan Yang ^_^ ! Former San Jose Community Tzu Ching Club President~

Yet again, we’re happy to welcome Bryan to our UCSD TC Family <3. This guy is a little camera shy and may look intimidating as he is 6′ 1″  BUT he’s full of compassion and always willing to give a helping hand :). So don’t be afraid to approach him and say hi!

This summer he’s staffed for TCSC (Tzu Chi Summer Camp 2015, a month long camp, 7/11-8/9, where students will learn to integrate the camp motto of “trust, cooperation, strategic planning, and communication” into their daily living while gaining valuable language and cultural exposures along the way), group leader for Houston TCCA Leadership Conference, and was a cook for TCYA Leadership Retreat.

Let’s see his sharing about his experience staffing for TCSC 😀 (available in Chinese as well).

Tzu Chi Summer Camp 2015

The 2015 Tzu Chi Summer Camp has finally drawn to a close. I can clearly remember how nervous and anxious I had felt on the first night, when the camp attendees started to arrive. How would I get to know these forty-three attendees? How can I guide them through this next month to ensure that they are happy in their time here? Then, the attendees walked in, and I see the apprehension on their faces as they took in the unfamiliar surroundings. At that moment, I was determined to help them feel at home here in the United States. In this past month, I devoted myself to the task of looking after the attendees, planning every aspect of their curriculum, and leading them from one destination to the next.

Tzu Ching Staff @ UC Berkeley From Left to Right: Katie Lin, Kathy Lam, Edith Chen, Bryan Yang

As this month flew by, I went from not knowing these students at all, to being able to identify each by only the sound of their voices. However, I still experienced many challenges in this short time. But, not only was I able to learn from my experiences, I was able to meet and work alongside three other camp leaders: Kathy, Edith, and Katie, and gained so much from our collaborative work. Before this camp, I was used to being the responsible one in a group who finishes projects for the entire group; but, at this camp, I was a part of a team that shared responsibilities. We each bring something different to the table, and from my fellow camp leaders, I was able to learn how people of different backgrounds can accommodate and mutually help one another to see a project through. I don’t think I could have made it through this camp without them.

In retrospect, I never imagined how much of an impact leading a Tzu Chi summer camp can have on me in terms of changing my mindset and how I will go forward in life. I learned how to trust my team, to listen to them, and to accommodate them. I also witnessed the importance of trust and collaborative work. An individual alone cannot accomplish a great task. As Master Cheng Yen says, “A truly successful person is accepted by everyone and accepts everyone.” If I did not learn to trust my team, I might not have been able to reach all my goals and accomplish this great project!

Student Attendees crying their hearts out as they hug their “Big Brother” Bryan at Closing Ceremony

Given the chance to go back in time, I would not change any of what has happened. I was able to grow as a result of the incidents that took place during this camp. I had never known before that developing curriculum could take so much time and energy, but now I understand the hard work of Tzu Chi volunteers, who dedicate themselves to pass on Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture. I hope that I can apply the experiences I have gained from this past month to help pave the Tzu Chi path, so that it will be smoother and easier for others to join us!

2015 慈濟暑期加州遊學營



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