#UCSDTCCA Summer Journey – Roger Chou

Meet our TC Baby, Roger Chou :D! 

Not a Tzu Shao, not yet a Tzu Ching

We’re happy to welcome Roger to our UCSD TC Family ❤ . This summer he’s been to plenty of TC related things  such as Taiwan, Children Summer Camp @ Walnut, TC @ YA UN, Houston TCCA, & TCYA Retreat. Though sad to say he’ll have to be without our iconic uniform until he earns it by volunteering 20 hours through our events! Anyway, let’s read up on Roger’s sharings (in English and Chinese!) below :D.

Hello I am Roger. For those who are not familiar with me, I came from Los Angeles. I graduated from Baldwin Park High School this year, and I am going to UCSD this fall. This is my first TCCA. Last year, I gladly joined the UN camp. It was my turning point. A turning point that made me blended into Tzu Ching group successfully. Unfortunately, my school started right after UN camp, so I was unable to participate the TCCA camp in New Jersey. The most important teaching that I picked up from the Dharma are sincerity and inner peace. We can’t just purify ourselves, but we also have to influence others and bring the positive spirit to the societies. The most impressive memory was the group discussion with Johan. I saw him often in the San Dimas Headquarter; unfortunately, I don’t know how to approach him. I am really glad that I can hear his story and able to share what I had done in Tzu Shao.

Before this conference I just wanted to join Tzu Ching, but after these days I definitely will join Tzu Ching in UCSD! After I been through five years of Tzu Shao, UN conference, and this year TCCA, I felt Tzu Chi is the place where I could actually utilize my ability to assist the others who need my help. Every time I done a Tzu Chi event or an activity, the stress from the school tasks was relieved from my mind. Another reason made me want to stay in Tzu Chi is that family atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and kind toward each other. I just love this kind of coherence! How wonderful is that we’re not just carrying each other, we also could bring the positive influence into the campus and even beyond the campus! Thank you.


來這次大會前,心裡只是想要參加慈青,可是參與本大會後,內心裡斬釘截鐵的決定一定要投入慈青! 經過五年的慈少歲月、聯合國營隊和這次的慈青大會,我覺得在慈濟我可以好好善加發揮我的良能,為需要幫助的人雪中送炭。每當參加完慈濟或慈少的活動,平日上課的壓力與疲勞都能舒緩許多。另一個讓我想待在慈濟的原因是那股大家庭的溫馨氣氛,彼此互相扶持,同時,大家一起攜手向前,用誠摯純真的心,引清流入校內、繞社會! 感恩。

2015 US TCYA Leadership Retreat Sharing

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This is the first time I had been a lead attendee. Honestly, I was notified to be a lead attendee in just a week left before the US Tzu Shao retreat approaches. I was really worried and tried to absorb any information I have to know during the last meeting, which was the same day I received the notification about my position. I understood that a lead attendee carries heavy duty in any camp, so I have to do lots of preparation. Luckily I got to know Regan Wang, the lead attendee of this year TCCA, during the TCCA in Houston two weeks ago. I am really thankful for his willingness to help me, provided me any knowledge and information I need as a lead attendee.

The only time I felt the nervousness was during the open ceremony. I felt fully confident after that. With the confidence, I was able to make any announcement and reminder clearly. The most exciting memory was the sharing I shared with Master Cheng Yen. I was surprised I could easily share my sharing in full confidence and had the smile all the time. I appreciated the chance I had. The most enjoyable time was the Adventure Education & Leadership Development. Those teamwork games were really interesting and challenging. I joined Group 5 to work with them. I was impressed by their hard work, so I did my best to assist them. I really enjoyed the time when we all working together.

My leadership skill had enhanced a lot after this camp. Even though I was exhausted, it was worth to have this experience. I am thankful to Carol SG, my Tzu Shao advisor, recommended me to the coordinating team of TCYA Retreat. I feel really happy I am able to learn so much and get to know so many great people.

這是我第一次承擔學員長的職位,事實上,負責慈少營隊的師姑師伯在離營隊前一週才通知我得擔當學員長,通知時,我剛好在園區,他們也剛好在開會,於是我匆匆忙忙地趕去加入會議,一時無法吸取來自四面八方的資料,頭腦一片混亂。我了解學員長在任何的營隊都佔有著舉足輕重的位置,責任相當大,因此得做好萬足的準備。很慶幸的,前兩週在休士頓舉辦的全美慈青大會所認識的學員長—Regan Wang,願意幫我,指導我該如何勝任我的職位,跟他講完話如吃了顆定心丸,增添不少信心。



Welcome to the UCSD TC Family! (@ San Dimas HQ, TCYA Leadership Retreat 2015)


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