#UCSDTCCA Summer Journey


Wait what? It’s September already?! What happened to summer?! 

Hopefully everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable summer break~

Although summer vacation is coming to an end and school is starting in about a week, I’m sure many of us are excited to be reunited with our fellow Tritons. Oh wait, and we can’t forget about welcoming the incoming freshmen and transfer students as well!

With that said, this summer has been a very busy one for the TC.Tritons (incoming, current, transfer, and alumni) and we would very well like to share our Tzu Chi-related summer experiences. These posts will be uploaded over the next couple of days, so watch out for them and read up on our #UCSDTCCA Summer Journey! 🙂

While you’re waiting, don’t forget to check out our upcoming events!

9/20 Medical Outreach

9/20 Everybody Reads

Our Google Calendar has been updated thanks to our officers, so you can plan ahead on which events and meetings to join us in on :D.

PS: Have you seen our newly created UCSD Tzu Ching Logo? If you haven’t already seen it on our Instagram or Facebook Page, here it is:
TC Logo

Doesn’t it make you want to join us in our TC Fun :)?

Special thanks to Tanya Nguyen (incoming UCLA Bruin) for the character line art and our officer Kathy Lam for putting the logo together (with feedback from Executive team & 3-in-1 team)


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